ABOUT OUR SERVICESCreated in late 2022, Based in Toronto's Premium Datacenter Equinix TR2. With the ability for Local / Physical Connections to our Peering LAN. ONIX (Ontario Internet Exchange) started providing IXP Services to mutliple users, and has approached some larger networks to join the ONIX Peering LAN. ONIX is completely free to join (from ONIX's standpoint, but partner providers may charge costs for connections to the ONIX Peering LAN). ONIX is ran by sponsorships, and volunteer network administrators. Cross Connects are available to our core switches within Equinix TR2, or at cost to the joiner, from any other POP which is capable of joining. Our Internet Exchange Point provides a neutral, carrier-neutral platform that allows businesses to peer with other networks, cloud providers, and service providers, enabling them to exchange traffic directly, without relying on expensive transit providers. By doing so, businesses can reduce their latency, increase their bandwidth, and lower their costs.